Around Eger quad tour (en)

  • 90 minutes
  • 35 km
  • 25.000 HUF

If once you visit Eger, you should not miss the famous valley of that wine region, the Szépasszonyvölgy! You are in that lucky position that you do not need to hike there: let’s discover the valley by quads! You will have time and energy to visit this popular tourist attraction which could be calm and relaxed as well as sparkling and exciting. It is definitely worth a visit!

After the Szépasszony valley, we are heading towards the direction of Egerszalók on dirt road, near the famous spa with hot thermal bath. In the world we only have this kind of hot thermal water in Yellowstone National Park (USA) and in Turkey.

On the way back a peaceful panoramic view to the vineyards of the region accompany us til Eger. After the quad trip you will have the chance to find the best restaurant in the centre to try some of the local wines!

Tour starts at 16:30!

25 000 Ft -tól