Quad tours

  • It is necessary to have B category driving-licence for driving a quad
  • Your age must be over 16 even if you just want to be a passenger
  • The maximum weight for one quad is 180 kg
  • You must be in the office one hour before the trip’s appointment in order to take over the equipment and arrange the circumstances of the tour
  • On our base we introduce how to drive a quad, and you have the chance to try it for yourself
  • Parking place in the parking house of the Katona square, from there it takes 5 minutes walk to reach the office
  • We advise you to bring a jumper and a backpack with you
  • Guided tours are scheduled with at least two quads

Three different guided quad tours are available – 35 km, 65 km and 55 km – in the surroundings of Eger. Taking part in the tours is possible with quads for 2 people, which are provided with licence plate and traffic licence.

  1. Eger and its surroundings
    – 90 minutes
    – 35 km
    – 25.000 HUF
    If once you visit Eger, you should not miss the famous valley of that wine region, the Szépasszonyvölgy! You are in that lucky position that you do not need to hike there: let’s discover the valley by quads! You will have time and energy to visit this popular tourist attraction which could be calm and relaxed as well as sparkling and exciting. It is definitely worth a visit!
    After the Szépasszony valley, we are heading towards the direction of Egerszalók on dirt road, near the famous spa with hot thermal bath. In the world we only have this kind of hot thermal water in Yellowstone National Park (USA) and in Turkey.
    On the way back a peaceful panoramic view to the vineyards of the region accompany us til Eger. After the quad trip you will have the chance to find the best restaurant in the centre to try some of the local wines!
  2. Eger – Szomolya – Noszvaj – Eger
    – 3 hours
    – 55 km
    – 45.000 HUF
    This tour passes through the huge vineyards between Eger and Szomolya on a good quality dirt road. Taking part in the trip you can experience where the local wines come from. This must be a good teaser for a local wine-tasting!
    The first stop is in Szomolya, where you can discover the surroundings and admire the beautiful view on the top of the look-out-tower. If you are lucky, you can see the so called “kaptár-stones” which are made by man long time ago, probably for the reason of sacrifice or for beekeeping (the truth is not known).
    From Szomolya we are heading to Noszvaj on driveway. Noszvaj is known as the clearest village of the country. We pass by Síkfőkút also, which is a beloved place with a small fishing lake and cute lodges on the lakeside.
    At the end of the trip, we stop by the Eged hill, where we can experience the gentle, kind atmosphere of the countryside.

From the famous Blade company, 600 cm3, 42 horsepower, for two people, with comfortable passenger seats and handrails.

  • Powerful motor, four-wheel drive
  • Perfect size, sporty and trendy design
  • Presently, 7 quads are available, so for that the maximum size of a group is 12 people at once (plus the guide)
  • It is driven only with the B category driving-licence

Kedves Látogatónk!
Telephelyünk megváltozott: Kérsemjén, Alkotmány utca 35. (Fehérgyarmattól 8km) Ezzel egyidejűleg már nem Eger környékén szervezünk vezetett quad-túrákat, hanem a hasonlóan izgalmas Tisza-folyó árterében, Foglalási rendszerünk átmenetileg szünetel, telefonon illetve személyesen azonban tudsz jelentkezni erre az élménydús kalandra! +36702507900